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Welcome to
The Wine Label Challenge!

Crafting a wine label is a delicate, intimate matter. Υour hard work and your variety’s profile are reflected in this small piece of informational real-estate.

Draw inspiration from our wine selection below and design a label for one of them!

The challenge

You will be asked to design the front label for one of the listed wines. You are completely free in choosing the subject, the graphics, the colors, and the information that should appear in your opinion on your ideal wine label, regardless of actual national legislations that regulate labels’ design for commercial use.

The Wines

All products presented in the winelist, are created in accordance to sustainable farming and organic approaches. Your label creation should incorporate these attributes in some manner of artistic approach.

All wines are produced according to sustainable approaches

Wine - Austria

Fresh and fruity Grüner Veltliner, spicy and herbal notes, certified organic from Austria.
Handpicked and longer maceration time, fermented in stainless steel and bottled beginning of January
Vintage 2018, 12,5%vol, dry

Wine - Greece

A blend of Assyrtiko (70%), Sauvignon Blanc (15%) and Ugni Blanc (15%). A small part of Assyrtiko matures in acacia barrels for 6 months and this enhances its mineral character and reveals some hints of jasmine. It has a pale-yellow color and aromas of pineapple, grapefruit and peach.

Wine - Hungary

Variety: Olaszrizling (Italian riesling), Vintage: 2018, Origin: Pécsely, Balatonfüred-Csopak Wine District, Hungary, Size: 3,5 ha, Alcohol: 12,8 v/v, Acid: 6,2 g/l, Sugar: 1 g/l
Technology: reductive

Olaszrizling is one of the most characteristic white grape variety of not just the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine district but of the whole country (Hungary). The fruit has relatively small, round, yellow, thin skinned, juicy berries. As Olaszrizling belongs to the late ripening varieties, the harvest of it usually takes place at the middle or end of October. The wine made in the Balaton region is a greenish-white coloured, usually very fruity, light, easy-drinking wine with a unique, little bit bitter-ish aftertaste resembling to bitter mandel. Acids are fine and vivid, but not too high and strong, which make the wine a refreshing finesse. In the nose you may find some traces of herbs.

Excellent with cheese, noodles, light meals from poultry. During summer time it is a very popular wine for „fröccs” (wine deluded with soda-water).

Winery: Koczor Family Winery

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Wine - Italy

Natural white wine made with Vermentino grape (70%) and other autochthon varieties. The colour is gold and at the taste is full, savory, with a light almond note.

Technical requirements

The following technical requirements should be respected (Please see details on technical requirements on the Submit label page):

  • Size of the label
  • Size in Mb of the submitted file
  • Allowed formats

The panel of evaluators

The labels will be evaluated by a transnational board of panelists, composed by wine makers and experts in agronomy and marketing, on the basis of the following criteria:

The label:

  • communicates the idea of sustainability
  • transmits the cultural value of the product
  • is creative, original artwork
  • promotes the idea of wine as “Easy drinking product” (not for experts only)

The prize

For each of the four countries/wines one winner will be declared (four winners in total).

S/he will receive

  • 6 bottles of the wine with her/his own label
  • A great visibility, as the winners names’ and labels will be promoted to The Wine Lab channels
  • The opportunity to have her/his label promoted in fairs and exhibitions, as special edition, not for commercial use